Non-parent Coaches Expenses

Non-parent Coaches Expenses
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  1. Competitive Non-Parent Coach Expenses. Competitive teams are to provide funds to reimburse up to three non-parent coaches expenses to travel to AA/A league games played outside the Ottawa city limits and to out-of-town tournaments. For greater clarity, there will be NO reimbursement of travel costs to B league games, games within the Ottawa city limits or team practices.


  1. AA/A League Games. A flat rate of $800 for the season should be paid in two installments – $400 by September 30th and $400 by January 1st to cover travel costs to AA/A league games for the entire non-parent coaching staff. The installments are to be paid to the Head Coach who is responsible to distribute funds to the other members of the coaching staff for reimbursement of expenses. To mitigate these costs coaches are expected to car pool where


  1. Out-of-town Tournaments. Teams will reimburse up to three non-parent coaches for travel expenses related to out-of-town tournaments. The following are expenses eligible for reimbursement at the rates specified:
    1. 15 cents per km to cover fuel costs if a personal vehicle used – limited to one vehicle as carpooling is expected, additional vehicles at coaches expense
    2. Hotel rooms for each night of the tournament booked at the same hotel and rates as the team – double occupancy (maximum of 2 rooms for three coaches or 1 room for two), additional rooms or nights at coaches expense
    3. Per diem to cover meals of $50 ($10 breakfast, $15 lunch, $25 dinner)
    4. Coaches are limited to scheduling up to three out-of-town tournaments in a season for which expenses will be reimbursed – additional out-of-town tournaments will be at the coach’s expense. Exceptions are made for additional events such as the Silver Stick or Provincial Championships whereby additional expense coverage will be required for the coaching




4.  Sample Budgets for Non-Parent Coach Expense.


Tournaments- 3 Coaches 1 Head Coach
Mileage – 1 car 800 km round trip $120 $120
Hotel -3 nights @$125 $750 $375
Meals – 3 days @$50 $450 $150
Per tournament $1,320 $645
3 tournaments $3,960 $1,935
Add: League Games Flat Fee $800
$4,760 $1,935


Figure 4 – Non Parent Coach Expense Budget Sample



The distance to the tournament will impact the actual expenses incurred and the nights required e.g. Thursday required for an early Friday start or an early checkout on Saturday – the samples above assume a Thursday night requirement and playing through Sunday.