Player Development – Skating

Player Development – Skating
Player Development – Skating 2011-05-11T15:33:17+00:00

KMHA intends to introduce a new skating mentorship initiative in 2011-2012 that follows some of the same ideas as the goalie development. Additional detail will be provided as the program is more clearly defined, but some of the intended directions are:

  • Skating mentors will be available to assist teams during their regular practice times assigned by KMHA. Sean Brennan has agreed to help direct these efforts, and Steve Sadaka and Shawn Allard have also volunteered their assistance. We plan to identify other mentors before the start of the season.
  • On-ice sessions run by the mentors for KMHA coaches to demonstrate proper technique and teaching points
  • Possible on-ice sessions for targeted teams to receive specialized teaching during the season, dependant on availability of ice and mentors