KMHA – Who We Are

KMHA – Who We Are
KMHA – Who We Are 2017-09-27T17:44:51+00:00

The KMHA and the Minor Hockey Hierarchy

Kanata Minor Hockey Association (KMHA)

KMHA is the local minor hockey association in Kanata. It operates under the rules and regulations of Hockey Canada,HEO, HEO MINOR, and District 11. We run both KMHA House League and Competitive B programs along with District 11 Competitive A/AA programs.  Internally we rent and schedule ice, arrange and nurture the development of officials and players, select coaches and players for our teams, set registration fees, host tournaments, and lots more. Each year, at our Annual General Meeting (late April) we elect new  Board of Directors who meet regularly during the year.

GEO Mapping –>  Where should I register my child to play hockey?

To find out which minor hockey association to register with, click here.  You will input your home address and the local ODMHA association you should register with will be displayed.

District 11 (HEO MINOR)

The KMHA is the sole association with District 11. District 11 is the link between the KMHA and both the HEO MINOR and HEO structures. Most interpretation and enforcement of HEO MINOR regulations takes place at the District level.


Within the same region that the HEO operates, the HEO MINOR governs issues specific to minor hockey. Many of the regulations by which we play are decided here (eg. transfer policies). HEO MINOR is divided into districts. The KMHA is the sole association in District 11 of the HEO MINOR. Each District has a seat on the Minor Council.  Minor Council meets monthly and is the decision forum in which the district chairs participate. See more at


The HEO is the governing body of amateur hockey in the Ottawa area, and in Hockey Canada context, is our branch. Included in this is direct management of the officiating program, development programs (including Speak Out – for bench staff), and other administrative responsibilities. HEO MINORIS  the minor hockey arm of the HEO. See more at

Hockey Canada

Formerly known as the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA), Hockey Canada is the sole governing body for amateur hockey in Canada. Hockey Canada makes major decisions such as player divisions (age). It has 13 branches, including the Ottawa District Hockey Association (ODHA). See more at