Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs

Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs
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Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs

Intro 2 Hockey

Introduce your son or daughter to Canada’s favourite game, in a fun and supportive environment, with Intro 2 Hockey. This program is designed to teach children aged 4 and above the fundamental hockey skills they need in order to ensure that they are ready for their first year of hockey. Join the professional development staff at the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs on the ice this season, at the Bell Sensplex or Richcraft Sensplex, to familiarize your child with all aspects of the great game of hockey!

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Shooting & Puck Control

Take your game to the next level in the Shooting & Puck Control program, which equips players at all levels with the skill set needed to excel with the puck on their stick. Skaters will work closely with instructors to develop important stick-handling techniques and the ability to control the puck in every game situation. They will also learn to confidently shoot with accuracy, quickness, and power. Hit the ice at the Bell Sensplex or Richcraft Sensplex in this marquee program to get the most out of your offensive development!

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Performance & Power Skating

Push yourself to become more efficient and powerful skaters with the help of the Performance & Power Skating program. The professionally-trained development staff leading each session actively challenge participants to master body positioning and balance technique, as well as how to properly use all four edges at varying speeds, with a series of drills that are tailored to players of all skill levels. Hone your skating ability in these weekly development sessions, available at the Bell Sensplex and Richcraft Sensplex!

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Specialty Clinics

Improve individual skills in a variety of diverse clinics designed to address specific aspects within each player’s game. Every week at the Bell Sensplex, Specialty Clinics focus on developing a different skill set and feature the following highlighted areas: Essential Defensive Skills, In-tight Scoring, Angling/Stick Checking, Creating Time & Space, Defensive Retrievals, Advanced Scoring, Angling/Stick Checking, and Ultra Speed. Perfect intricate parts of your game with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs this season!

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