U11 – Sort Out Information Updated 8/31/2023

U11 – Sort Out Information Updated 8/31/2023
U11 – Sort Out Information Updated 8/31/2023 2023-08-31T12:14:00+00:00

Pre-Skates Info

As the U-11 program follows the Hockey Canada Player Pathways Program, all players are required to have 4 hours of ice time before they can be evaluated.  Pre-skate sessions are designed to reacquaint kids to the ice after the summer and to allow all players to get comfortable in the hockey setting once again.  These sessions are mandatory for players.


These pre-skates will take place over two weekends, and you will be assigned an ice time each day.

  • Weekend 1 will be Sat Sept 09, 2023 and Sunday Sept 10, 2023, (TIMING TBD)
  • Weekend 2 will be Sat Sept 16, 2023 and Sunday Sept 17 , 2023. (TIMING TBD)

Sort Outs:

The first two weekends of the season are dedicated to the evaluation of players and placement on teams based on player ability.  The U-11 House League is currently planned to consist of:

  • TBD teams at House A
  • TBD teams at House B
  • TBD teams at House C

Sort outs evaluations will be unbiased and based on pre-determined criteria.  We will give our best possible effort to ensure that all teams are balanced within each level or tier, to the best of our abilities.

Sort Out Structure:

The U-11 House League sort out process will consist of 1 hour of skills evaluation and 2 hours of games spread out over two weekends. Your sort out time will be assigned to you in the Welcome e-mail that you will be receiving shortly

First Weekend – 24 September, 2023 – Skills Evaluation Session, 1 hour. (TIMING TBD)

Each player will be assigned one hour of ice on 24 September, 2023.

The skills evaluation will consist of pre-determined drills that will assess Skating ability, Puck Control, Shooting and Hockey Sense.

Please note:  Players that have registered to be full-time or part-time goaltenders will be evaluated separately from the skills evaluation for other players.  This session will happen on September TBD, 2023.  Players who have registered as part-time goalies will be required to participate in both player and goalie evaluations.

Second Weekend, 30 September, 2023 and 01 October, 2023 (TIMINGS TBD)

Each player will be participating in two games, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  We will be continuing to evaluate the players to determine the appropriate playing level. Both skill and game play will be evaluated.

Your ice times for the coming weekends will be posted to the KMHA website in the U-11 Sort Out section


by September 1st, 2023

.  You will be able to look up your player’s ice times via the randomly assigned ID number that will be found in the Welcome e-mail you will be receiving shortly.

Following Sort Outs:

Players will be assigned to their respective teams and contacted in short order with their first team practice times.