KMHA Fundraising & Sponsorship Policies

KMHA Fundraising & Sponsorship Policies
KMHA Fundraising & Sponsorship Policies 2012-11-28T00:49:51+00:00

For fundraising activities, KMHA echoes the policies provided by Hockey Canada (See The Hockey Canada’s Team Managers Manual here –

Almost every team will have to raise funds throughout the season. As a team, it is important to discuss what set costs and what extra costs the team will face throughout the year (from officials fees to a yearend celebrations). The Team Manager needs to ensure the team’s goals are reasonable and that the team has the ability and dedication to perform the chosen fundraising initiative. A fundraising committee will often be formed to coordinate efforts. The team should be determine up front whether the fundraiser is a team event or on a per player basis and whether minimum participation levels are required/expected, etc.

Some fundraising suggestions (the Team Manager should check with local and provincial gaming regulations prior to the selection of a fundraising activity):

  • Bingos / casinos
  • Auctions / raffles (donated items, auction off players to perform community chores)
  • Sponsors
  • BBQ or sit down dinner
  • Sales: chocolates, magazines, pizza, cookies, etc.
  • Car wash
  • Bottle drive
  • Shovel sidewalks

With certain fundraising activities it is important to build community support for future years; therefore it is important not to step on the toes of any other groups or to pressure anyone into donating funds.