Registration FAQ’s

Registration FAQ’s
Registration FAQ’s 2016-04-13T15:47:34+00:00

Question: My child has never played hockey before, is this a problem?

Answer: No we have lots of players that have never played before, your player will be registered by birth year, then evaluated and been placed on a team with like skilled players. There is lots of practice time over the year for improvement

Question: When does the season start?

Answer: Competitive tryouts begin in August, House league sort outs begin in September. Season finishes in April, therefore a hockey season for us is  September until April of each year

Question: When do the competitive tryouts begin?

Answer: We do not have the tryout dates until July, But you can count on sometime between the 2nd week of August and onward

Question: What times and days of the week will my player be on the ice?

Answer: The younger players IP, Novice, will typically be on the weekends, 2 times per week, times will vary during the season, and there will never be a set time, Ice times will change week to week.

Question: What is the commitment difference between house league and a competitive player?

Answer: House league teams will typically be on the ice 2 times per week 1 game 1 practice. As well, depending on your coach, you might have 1-3  tournaments during the season

                  Competitive (rep teams) will typically be on the ice 3-5 times per week with anywhere from 1-5 tournaments during the season

Question: What equipment do I need?

Answer: Required equipment to be allowed on the ice

Hockey Skates, Helmet, Neck Guard,Shoulder Pads, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Jock/Jill, Hockey Pants, Hockey Gloves,Socks / Garter Belt – Mouth Guard (recommended, but not required) – (off the shelf, or custom one from the dentist), Hockey Stick – cut to appropriate size (generally between the upper lip and chin depending on the child). 

Jersey – two sets will be provided for the games (one away and one home) near the beginning of the season, but you will have to bring your own for sort-outs and practices.


Question: What is the cost difference for house league and competitive players?

Answer: After registration, house league team fees can be anywhere from $100- $350.00

               After registration fees, competitive team fees can vary from $800-$2500

Question: Do we take imported players for our competitive teams?

Answer: No, we do not.

Question: Do you have to live in Kanata to play hockey in Kanata?

Answer: Yes, you must be a resident of Kanata to play in Kanata, as a new player you will have to provide proof of residency.