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Documents and Forms
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Medical Forms

Special Events Permits (certificate of insurance)

The purpose of a sanctioning a special event is to extend Hockey Canada insurance program coverage such as major medical/dental coverage to activities that do not fall under regularly scheduled hockey programming. Special event sanctions are for usage of events such as dryland training, fundraisers, extra ice you have purchased for your team and other activities outside of regular hockey programming. Not all activities are eligible for coverage.
Special event Permits are now completed online, pls click on the link and follow the step by step instructions

District 11 Affiliation Process and Rules (Rep and House)

Travel Permits

  • US Tournament  Travel Insurance: We have been asked by the HEO branch to remind everyone that they need to ensure that players have adequate coverage for health insurance. The Hockey Canada insurance only provides $5000 of coverage which will not go far in the US. They also need to ensure that the insurance they buy, if they choose to do so, covers the player while playing contact sports.
  • Travel-Permit-Instructions (.pdf – 38 KB)
  • Canadian Travel Permit
  • US Travel Permit (.pdf 60KB)

Hockey Canada Insurance Information

Hockey Canada Insurance Brochure

Hockey Canada Safety and Teamwork

Hockey Canada Insurance Forms

Hockey Canada Insurance-What’s not Covered

Hockey Canada Claims Process

Hockey Canada Insurance-When you are Covered

Hockey Canada USA Travel

Hockey Canada Insurance FAQ

KMHA Sponsorship Request Letter

  • KMHA Sponsor Letter Template (.doc – 74 KB)
  • KMHA Sponsor Letter Template (.pdf)
  • Simply fill in the pertinent information for your team.Any sponsorship cheque should be made payable to the team, not to KMHA .We do not give out receipts for tax purposes, we are a non-profit organization , not a charity, your team can certainly issue a thank you in a word document with the amount the team was given , have it signed by the coach and team manager, but KMHA does not give out receipts for and sponsorshipFinally we ask that you appropriately thank the sponsor, maybe at the year-end a sponsorship plaque from the team.Other than the above, it is really up to you as a team to decide on amounts for names bars etc.
    Individual Sponsorship Option 50% of all sponsorship funds shall be credited to the player as their personal contribution, up to the amount of their budgeted team fee, with the remaining amount credited to the team’s operating fund.  All sponsors must have this sponsorship policy clearly communicated to them in advance so that they understand where their sponsorship dollars are being allocated. Cheques from sponsors at to be made payable to the team, not to KMHA

    1. The 50% portion that goes to the family that is bringing in the sponsor is OPTIONAL.  There are cases where the sponsor will only provide the funds if 100% goes to the team.  There are also cases where the family may not want to keep their 50%, or it could be a family member or business that is providing the sponsorship and keeping 50% doesn’t make sense.  So the 50-50 is optional.
    2. Cheques still get made out to the team for the full amount of the sponsorship.  The following example is for a player in Competitive hockey. Example if Ia player secures a $500 sponsorship and  team fees are $1500, player  would give the $500 to the team (the sponsor would write a cheque to the team for that full amount) and players  team fees are now $1250.
    3. This is for sponsorship only, this policy does not apply to fundraising

Issue Resolution Form


Volunteer Screening

Game Sheets

Kanata Blazers Logos

Team Budget Information:

KMHA Registration Waiver Forms 

Kanata Minor Hockey Association Waiver online registration

KMHA Parent Code of Conduct-online reg version


HEO Rowan’s Law Acknowledgment Form