Fair Ice Policy

Fair Ice Policy
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Competitive Fair Ice Policy

KMHA subscribes to a Fair Ice Policy for all players. It is the coaching staff’s responsibility to ensure that all players receive “fair ice time”, however this does not mean “equal ice time”.

  1. Ice time for all players will balance-out over the course of the season. All players will be taught and used on power play, even-strength and penalty killing opportunities. The goal is to develop the ability of all players to play in all situations.
  2. This policy allows “shortening the bench” during the last three minutes of a game and in key situations that could impact placement in the standings, extend participation in a tournament or extend life in the playoffs.
  3. It is our strong preference to establish and ‘roll’ three forward lines, three sets of defense and two goaltenders.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, coaches may reserve the option to ‘bench’ players for disciplinary reasons at any point.


House League Fair Ice Policy

KMHA has an equal ice time policy for all house league teams. This means that no player should intentionally get more or less ice time than another, or be put on or kept off the ice in certain situations such as a power play or a key moment late in the game. KMHA believes that all players deserve an equal opportunity to contribute at all times of the game and for equal lengths of time, and that while “shortening the bench” may help a team have a better chance to win, the harm to a child’s confidence lasts much longer than the temporary satisfaction of winning the game. No matter what the situation may be, the coach is instructed to roll the next line or next player, no exceptions.