Novice – Program Overview

Novice – Program Overview
Novice – Program Overview 2018-08-21T15:34:20+00:00


Welcome to the 2018-2019 KMHA season. As the co-convenors for Novice House League, we are responsible for the daily operation of Novice program encompassing children born in 2010 and 2011. We look forward to contributing to a successful season for all of this seasons’ players and volunteers.

Respect in Sport:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At least one parent or guardian from each new participants’ household at the IP and Novice must take the online “Respect in Sport Parent Program”. If you have previously completed this last year, you will not need to complete this again.

This course must be completed by September 1st, 2018. If the course is not completed by September 1st, the player will not be allowed to go on the ice.

For more information, go to: To take the course, go to:

Sort Outs:

The first three (3) weekends of the season are dedicated to the evaluating the players and placing them on teams of appropriate ability. The Novice House League is currently planned to consist of:

  • 4 teams at A House (that will interlock with Nepean after Christmas)
  • 8 teams at B House
  • 4 teams at C House

Assigning a player to a team of appropriate skill is the most important thing we can do. Stronger players in the B and C levels will have the opportunities to be affiliated to higher levels. For example, a Novice C player may called to with participate with a Novice B team.

Finally, the sort outs will be unbiased. We will balance all the teams within each level (A, B & C) to best of our abilities. Those with friend requests can contact the Novice Convenor. However, such requests will NOT influence team composition and/or potentially create an imbalance.

For information on the sort outs, please go to: Information will be posted here as it becomes available.


To ensure another successful season, we are looking for volunteers to help in any capacity. If you are only available short term to help during sort outs or would be available for a full season commitment, there are many opportunities.

Sort out Volunteers for each hour of skills (First weekend):

  • Registration Desk (check in players, hand out pinnies, other tasks)
  • Ice General (Responsible for the on-ice flow of each on-ice session)
  • On-Ice Evaluators (2 per Timing Drill, 1 per Evaluation Drill)
  • On-Ice Shepherds (Assist with at drill stations and player movement on ice)
  • Trainer (Requires Level 1 Trainer Certification)
  • Other volunteers for tasks to be determined.

Sort out Volunteers for each hour of games (Second & Third Weekends):

  • Registration Desk (check in players, hand out pinnies, other tasks)
  • Off-Ice Evaluators (4-6 people)
  • Bench Staff (Open and close bench doors to facilitate line changes)
  • On-Ice General (Act as a referee)
  • Trainer (Requires Level 1 Trainer Certification)
  • Other volunteers for tasks to be determined.

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students registered in KMHA looking for volunteer hours!

If you’d like to help, please fill out the form at:

Volunteers throughout the season:

To ensure all our teams have a successful season, each team will require numerous volunteers that include:

  • Head Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Goalie Coaches
  • Trainers


Those wishing to apply for any of the above positions, please click on the following link and submit the form:

For those that have submitted the application already, or contacted the Novice Convenor directly, thank you very much. We have your name on a list and be in contact closer to the start of the season.

After Sort outs:

We will select a head coach for each team no sooner than the end of the third week of sort outs. That list will be submitted to the House League Co-Ordinator and the VP, Hockey Programs for verification and final approval. We will attempt to place qualified assistant coaches, trainers and managers on each team.

Throughout the Season:

Novice A House will interlock with Nepean after the Christmas break. Novice B and C House will not interlock.

Each team will be required to have affiliates, approximately 3 players from the level below to ensure a full bench at all practices and games.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming season, or would be interested in volunteering, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Looking forward to great season!

William Burnie and Erin Nagy
KMHA Novice House Co-Convenors