Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance Program
Financial Assistance Program 2024-06-05T16:04:02+00:00

Financial assistance  is considered for House League applications onlycompetitive team fees are such that KMHA’s financial assistance budget cannot responsibly be used for competitive team applications.

All applications along with all required documentation outlined on the application  must be submitted to the KMHA by August 11, 2024

All requests will be answered by August 23, 2024. Once you submit your application supporting documents to the general manager via email, a spot will be reserved for your player- Applications  supporting documents must be received by 11:59 pm August 11 2024


To request the registration  (link) and information package on our financial assistance please   email


Please note that KMHA has a limited budget for financial assistance.

Other resources that are available for you to consider are the following;

1-Hockey Canada Player Assist Fund

2-Canadian Tire

3-City of Ottawa Hand in Hand,-If%20you%20are&text=Only%20residents%20of%20the%20City,Facility%20Services%20Department%20(RCFS).