Official Lists/Team Rosters

Official Lists/Team Rosters
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Roster Template

Coaches are to complete the template below. All volunteers need to be listed on the template. If someone is already listed on another roster, please be sure to list which team they can be found on. The MANAGER must be listed as they are an important part of your team as well they will be required to have Speakout and a Police Check.

Competitive Program

The process with Competitive team rosters is as follows:

  • A spreadsheet will be sent to the coaches during the week of July 23rd with the current list of participants
    Sample Spreadsheet with Instructions (.xlsx – 14 KB )
  • A final updated spreadsheet will be sent to the coaches following the August 1st deadline for tryout changes
  • An email will be sent along with the final update describing the procedure for reporting tryout reassignments
    Sample Copy Email (.pdf – 100 KB)
  • Rosters are done based on tournaments that are upcoming first, if there’s a RUSH for another reason, then email the registrar what it is required for and we will move to have it complete within a shorter time period

House Program

The process with House League (Novice – Midget) for team roster is as follows:

  • After sortouts, convenors will submit their spreadsheet with their teams asap to the Association Registrar (no later than September 23rd ). These teams will be inputed into Hockey Canada.
  • As soon as the division coordinators for each level begin receiving the official templates (link above) with bench staff, please send a handful of rosters at once (4-5 rosters). This will decrease the amount of emails being received. Please ensure your teams are reading the Bench Staff Volunteer Checklist for the appropriate requirements and deadlines.
  • House rosters will not have jersey numbers put on the official roster as this is not mandatory.

HOUSE LEAGUE: October 15th Deadline

As a reminder we have October 15th as the deadline for bench staff roster requirements.

Format for Official KMHA Roster Email to KMHA

The email that you send with the filled out templates should contain:

Please email to your division convenor

SUBJECT: Official Team Lists for Division Name

If KMHA does not receive your house league staff rosters by October 15th, the VP Hockey Programs and Director of House will be notified and it is possible that ice will be held from your until this information is received.

Please carefully review the bench staff roster requirements.


If all qualifications are met the coordinators will receive a signed and scanned copy of the roster to forward to the appropriate teams. If they are NOT met, an email will be sent highlighting what needs to be done by November 15th. If we should receive proof of receipt that either the Police Record Check or a clinic is signed up for then we will list them as PENDING. If they are not met by this cutoff day then those people will be REMOVED from the roster and roster will be printed and signed. Once those individuals have fulfilled the requirements we will then add them back to roster and print a new unsigned copy as they will have their original that was signed and this will be an amended roster. It will be up to the team to email their coordinator when all their requirements have been completely met.


Coordinators may submit a RUSH roster but only when a tournament requires it. We will work to help those individuals be cleared on roster.