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Respect In Sport
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The Kanata Minor Hockey Association, in conjunction with Hockey Canada and ODHA, has taken important and necessary steps towards the prevention of abuse and harassment within amateur hockey.  Included in this process is the educational program Speak Out, designed to impact on the attitudes, skills and knowledge of  “front-line volunteers” which will result in the safe, sportsmanlike environment for all of our members and especially the players.  Speak Out is part of our on-going development of both an intervention and prevention plan in response to abuse and harassment, with ODHA, the KMHA has been pro-actively delivering this workshop throughout the Association over the past 5 years.  This program is a progressive and vital component in identifying abuse and harassment within the sport world, and ultimately defining the elements of safety.  Effective from October 18th, 2004, any registered KMHA team official, and any registered Junior team official who attends the bench is required to complete Speak Out Training.

In addition, any other “non-registered” volunteer (if determined to do so by KMHA) must complete the Speak Out Training.

Due to sensitive workshop content, it is recommended that students be at least 16 yrs old.

Respect In Sport  (also known as Speak Out)

The Speak Out Program is an education program for team officials to assist them in the prevention of harassment, abuse and bullying in hockey. The purpose of the program is to impact on attitudes, skills, and knowledge of the team officials that will result in a safe, sportsmanlike environment for all players and coaches.

The Speak Out Clinic is mandatory for all individuals who are on the official team roster(Coach, assistant coaches, goalie coach, on ice helpers, trainers, team manager)

There is no expiry for the Speak Out qualification.  Once a clinic has been attended, re-certification is not required.

The Speak Out Clinic must be taken on-line through the Respect in Sport program.

The in-person clinic is no longer offered.

On-line Clinic:

  • The on-line clinic can be accessed here . Select Speak Out – Online from the HEO Clinics.
  • Participants will need to create an account with ODHA  (different than the Hockey Canada account you may have created and used to register your child for hockey).

Cost is $40. Once you have successfully completed the clinic email your receipt to you will reimbursed the cost of the clinic

It is not necessary to attend the clinic held by our association to be reimbursed.
If you have any questions or suggestions for anything related to Player, Coach or team official development, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Bell. 

Julie Bell KMHA Development Coordinator

If you are required to have a Speak Out course to assume your volunteer role and fail to attend one of the courses offered by the KMHA you will have the opportunity to do the on-line course and must produce the certificate granted at the end of the on-course to the Risk & Safety Coordinator or Registrar before assuming your volunteer role within KMHA

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