KMHA History

KMHA History
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The Kanata Minor Hockey Association was established in 1979, the year following the incorporation of the City of Kanata  when the Mayor, Marianne Wilkinson directed the two existing Minor Hockey Associations, Glen Cairn MHA (President, John Elkin) and March Townships MHA (President, Ken McLean) to merge. John Elkin was elected as KMHA’s first President.

Season KMHA President Chair District 11 # of Members
1979-80 John Elkin
1980-81 John Elkin
1981-82 John Elkin
1982-83 Bob Henry
1983-84 Ken Corbett
1984-85 Ken Corbett
1985-86 Ken Corbett
1986-87 Ken Corbett
1988-89 Roy Meikle
1989-90 Roy Meikle
1990-91 Roy Meikle
1991-92 Ron Davidson
1992-93 Ron Davidson
1993-94 Dave Leafloor
1994-95 Dave Leafloor

At the 1995 ODMHA AGM, Melan Sapp, President KMHA tabled a motion that was seconded by Chuck Riordan, Chair District 4 establishing Kanata as a full status District. The motion passed and Kanata became District 11 of the ODMHA. Melan Sapp was the first District Chair.

Season KMHA President Chair District 11 # of Members
1995-96 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
1996-97 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
1997-98 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
1998-99 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
1999-2000 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
Jan-00 Melan Sapp Melan Sapp
Feb-01 Dave Palmer Melan Sapp
Mar-02 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Apr-03 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
May-04 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Jun-05 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Jul-06 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Aug-07 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Sep-08 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Oct-09 Charles Saunders Charles Saunders
Nov-10 Kelli Burke Kelli Burke
Dec-11 Kelli Burke Kelli Burke
2012-13 Scott Leger Kelli Burke
2013-14 Scott Leger Kelli Burke
2014-15 Scott Leger Kelli Burke
2015-16 Scott Leger David Farnes
2016-17 Scott Leger David Farnes
2017-18 Andy McAfee Kelli Burke

2015 New By-Laws passed