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Welcome to the 2015-2016 KMHA hockey season. My name is Sean Campeau and I will be the Convenor for the Atom level this year.  That means that I will be responsible for the daily operation of the Atom house league program which includes children born in 2005 and 2006. Please note that the competitive program is not part of the House League, so for questions about it please e-mail the Director of Competitive Programs. I am responsible for ensuring compliance with KMHA directives, code of conduct and any discipline and appeals decisions or ODMHA regulations. The Convenor takes direction from the VP of Hockey Programs and Director of House Programs. I attend KMHA Executive meetings and Hockey Program meetings contributing to the management of the hockey program as a whole.

I have been a volunteer with KMHA as a Coach and as a Trainer.  This is my first season volunteering as a convenor.  As you all know, the success of any minor hockey season rests with it volunteers. Throughout the season, a number of volunteers will be needed to help out with things like sort-outs, coaching, registration desks, team management, scheduling, etc. To volunteer either at sort outs and/or during the season, please e-mail me as soon as possible with your name, contact information and how you want to volunteer or the volunteer position that you are hoping to fill – see below for the descriptions of the various & many volunteer positions we have.

Season Overview

  • Now to August 31 – gather volunteers, receive and review coaching applications
  • September 12 and 13 – Sort outs: First Weekend (Skills weekend) – Dates to be confirmed
  • September 19 and 20 – Sort outs: Second Weekend (Game situations) – Dates to be confirmed
  • September 26 and 27 – Sort outs: Third Weekend (Final Refinements and Team Balance) – Dates to be confirmed
  • September 27 to early  March – Regular Season – 2 ice times per weekend provided by KMHA, (most of the time 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday / Teams may acquire additional per week depending on level A, B, or C)
  • December 19 to December 27 – Christmas Break (No ice time will be provided)
  • March 12 to March 20 – March Break (No ice time will be provided)
  • March 21 to April 18 – Playoffs
  • April 19 to May 2 – Team Year End Party, Return of Equipment and Coach Evaluations by Parents.

Required equipment to be allowed on the ice

Hockey Skates, Helmet, Neck Guard, Shoulder Pads, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Jock/Jill, Hockey Pants, Hockey Gloves, Socks / Garter Belt – Mouth Guard (recommended) – (off the shelf, or custom one from the dentist), Hockey Stick – cut to appropriate size (generally between the upper lip and chin depending on the child).

Jersey – two sets will be provided for the games (one away and one home) near the beginning of the season, but you will have to bring your own for sort-outs and practices.

Before sort-outs

I will receive the list of players from the KMHA Registrar in mid-August and will begin preparing for sort-outs. I will communicate with the players and their families to welcome them to the program, describe the program, and to make them aware of the sort-out schedule.


We will use 5 hours of ice over 3 consecutive weekends for each player. Each player will be assigned a specific time Saturday and Sunday for every weekend.

  • September 12 and 13 – Sort outs: First Weekend (Skills weekend) – Dates to be confirmed
  • September 19 and 20 – Sort outs: Second Weekend (Game situations) – Dates to be confirmed
  • September 26 and 27 – Sort outs: Third Weekend (Final Refinements and Team Balance) – Dates to be confirmed


Usually Atom A teams will have only one dedicated goalie. Atom B will have some teams with one dedicated goalie and some teams with part time goalies and Atom C will rotate the goalie position depending on the interest of the kids.  There is a separate Goalie sort-out process.  Further information on this will be provided shortly.

As most of you know sort-outs is a tedious and time consuming exercise, but is critically important to have a successful season.  I will need to gather a team of volunteers to help with:

  • Sort out Management
  • Registration Desk
  • Ice General
  • Run Stations on-ice
  • On-ice shepherds
  • Off-ice evaluators
  • Goalie evaluators
  • Others

The sort-outs will be unbiased. We will balance the teams within each level to the best of our ability and not permit groups of players or other cliques to influence team composition and/or to potentially create an imbalance.

If you would like to volunteer to help out, please send me an email. All volunteers will be required to participate on one of the three weekends, for all day for both days (typically consists of 7 hours on each day).

NOTE:  All head-coaches should plan on participating in the sort-out process!


After Sort-outs


We will select a head coach for each team no sooner than the end of the second week of sort-outs. That list will be submitted to the Director of House and VP of Hockey Programs for verification. We will attempt to place qualified assistant coaches, trainers and managers on each team list, and ensure that head coach fills these positions. We will hold a coaches meeting with the Director of House and the VP of Hockey Programs in attendance to discuss the requirements and expectations of the season.

If you would like to be considered for a head coaching position and you haven’t already expressed your interest to me, please do so ASAP.  If you are new to KMHA, please fill out a coaching application and send it to me, the application can be found on

Coaches will be assigned teams and players once the sort out process is complete in September, but we will be reviewing the Coaching applications over the summer.

Throughout the Season

We will allocate game and practice ice from the allotment given from the Ice Scheduler. Each team should have two ice times per week, though due to scheduling issues, teams may occasionally have one less or one more, but should average two. The Convenor will ensure that unfavorable ice is equally distributed to all teams over the course of the season. Ice Times will vary from day to day – week to week. All teams will get their share of each time slot – including 6am (yes 6 in the morning! That means waking up around 5!). Unless otherwise indicated, the Convenor is responsible for the regular season and playoff game schedule for their teams. The Convenor will also maintain and have an avenue to publish up-to-date standings for each division and will ensure that all equipment is returned, bank accounts closed, and any other year-end wrap-up duties are performed.

Each team will be required to have affiliate’s, approximately 3 players from the level below – to make up a full bench at all practices and games.

Finally we will select a coach of the year for each level, and one volunteer of the year for their division, and prepare a summary of the season to the VP Hockey Programs prior to the Annual General Meeting.

As mentioned above, several volunteers are required for sort-outs as well as during the hockey season. 

Please contact me if you would like to volunteer at


During Sort outs

  • Registration Desk;
  • Off-Ice Evaluators (all potential coaches and assistant coaches are required to do this or help on ice);
  • Head Evaluator;
  • Ice General;
  • On-Ice Stations;
  • On-Ice Shepherd;


Throughout the Season

  • Coaches;
  • Assistant Coaches;
  • Goalie Coaches;
  • Trainers;
  • Managers;
  • Assistant Convenor

A brief description of each of these positions can be found on

Please note that all team volunteer positions are subject to police check (at no cost to you), the police check process is described on You will also have to complete (or have completed)  the Speakout course (also at no cost to you); information on the Speakout course can be found on

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I’m very excited about next season and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the rink.

Sean Campeau


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