New U12AAA Hockey Division

, FeaturedNew U12AAA Hockey Division

HEO is pleased to announce the introduction of a new division, U12, to AAA hockey in eastern Ontario for the 2022-23 season, as part of a four-year pilot project.


HEO is committed to the development of our players at all levels, from House League to AAA in minor hockey, our three junior leagues and our para and special hockey partners. Extending AAA hockey to U12 creates an earlier opportunity for talented minor players to experience high level development, in alignment with Hockey Canada and HEO standards.


HEO recognizes that the first cohort entering U12AAA tryouts this fall will have short timelines to prepare, particularly given the impact of the pandemic on our hockey programming since 2020. HEO encourages our AAA organizations to carefully plan their late summer evaluations with this in mind and to recruit talented coaches who can support players and programming with development as a priority.


HEO has asked its High-Performance Task Team to seek broad input from players, families and organizations in the development of evaluation criteria for assessment of this pilot project planned for year three.


HEO thanks all those who contributed their views, expertise, time and effort to the creation of this new division. We look forward to seeing our newest AAA participants on the ice this coming fall.