Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy



One Team, One Mission, One Goal 

Bulletin: 2021/22-31


To: District Chairs, Junior Commissioners/Presidents, MHA Presidents, Junior Team Owners, Minor League Presidents

CC: HEO Board of Directors, HEO Staff From: HEO Board of Directors

Date: January 13, 2022


Re: Conflict of Interest Policy

Following consultation with Minor District Chairs and Junior Commissioners, HEO is pleased to present the HEO Conflict of Interest Policy (see attached).

Some key factors of the policy include:

— Board Directors and HEO’s Referee-In-Chief may not hold any other positions within the Branch. HEO’s 14 voting members and the Presidents of HEO Leagues for U18AAA, U15AAA and AA/A may not hold other leadership positions within sanctioned entities within the Branch.


—Junior Team Owners may also hold Junior League Commissioner positions, with the approval of the respective Junior League Board of Governors.


—Minor Association Presidents may hold other leadership positions (for example, Rep B League, House Leagues across the Branch) with the support of their Association Executive and/or District Councils.


—HEO staff may hold other positions within the Branch provided that they seek prior approval from the Board, and that any real/perceived conflicts of interest are proactively addressed.


Please contact Debbie Rambeau, HEO’s Executive Director, at should you have any questions regarding this policy or its application.

HEO 6.56 Conflict of Interest Policy for Key HEO Positions