HEO Bulletin- Sports Team Protocol When a Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

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 HEO Bulletin: 2021/22-28


To: District Chairs, MHA’s, SHEO, Special Hockey, CCHL, EOJHL, NCJHL

CC: HEO Board of Directors, HEO Staff From: HEO RTH Implementation Task Team Date: December 13, 2021

Re: Ottawa Public Health – Sports Team Protocol When Member Tests Positive for COVID-19


Ottawa Public health has provided a template for what to do in the case of a reported positive case of COVID-19 in a Sports Team Setting.

For members in the 3 other Public Health Units, please ensure you consult with them before using this template.


Sports Team Protocol When a Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

1. A member informs their team delegate of their positive test result

    • Remind individual to self-isolate at home until they are provided with more direction from Ottawa Public Health (OPH).
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces that may have been touched by the individual who tests positive for COVID-19 as soon as possible.

2. OPH is informed of a member’s positive test result.

    • OPH confirms the positive test result and when the member last participated in team sports and if they participated when they could have spread the virus to others (period of communicability).
    • If the member participated during that period, OPH will request that the member share this information (dates and other high-risk contacts) with their

3.   Delegate identifies high-risk contacts

  • Based on the dates and names of close contacts provided by the member, the delegate confirms and identifies any missing high-risk
  • High risk contacts are individuals with or without a mask or eye protection*:
    • For team sports or group athletic settings (i.e. dance, gymnastics, etc)
      • Everyone on the team or part of the group is considered a high-risk contact, including anyone (athletes, coaches, officials, and trainers) in the field of play (all areas used for sport activity such as change rooms).
      • During a game, both teams (athletes, players) and staff (coaches, officials, and trainers) are considered high-risk
    • For individual sports, athletes, coaches, and trainers present at the time would be high-risk including anyone in the field of



  • Because COVID-19 (particularly the variants of concerns) is easily transmissible and sports can increase the spread due to close and frequent encounters without masks, the definition of a high-risk contact captures anyone who may have been exposed and could further spread COVID-19. If there are doubts of whether an individual or individuals should be high risk, it is best to identify them as a high-risk contact and err on the side of

*eye protection is recommended within 2m (6ft) from others

*If you have any questions about this step, please call 613-580-6744




Member – a member is an individual associated with the team or organization. This could represent a player, coach, trainer or even parents involved with the sport and participating within the facility.


Delegate – means the individual who has the delegated authority and responsibility within the team’s return to play protocol to be the lead safety officer or manager of attendance, screening and contact tracing information.



Disclaimer: The measures that are taken to reduce risk of spread, such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, and wearing a mask, are all taken into account when doing risk assessments and identifying contacts as high or low risk, but they do not independently control or guarantee the outcome of these assessments.