KMHA COVID-19 Protocols- August 24, 2021

KMHA COVID-19 Protocols- August 24, 2021

KMHA COVID-19 Protocols


  1. Building Entry Time:
    • Participants may enter 30 minutes before their scheduled ice time
    • Spectators may enter 5 minutes before the scheduled ice time (unless they are helping a child get ready).


  1. Screening:
    • Each participant must fill out the daily KMHA COVID-19 screening. KMHA Team Greeter must verify that this form has been filled out before entry is granted.
    • Using Bell Sensplex ice, KMHA members are NO longer required to fill out both the KMHA and Bell Sensplex daily COVID-19 screening forms. KMHA members are now require to fill out just the daily KMHA COVID-19 screening form.


  1. Spectators are permitted in the arena:
    • If they are accompanying a participant, they must be either be identified on the participant’s screening form or have completed the screening form themselves.
    • Unless they are helping a child get ready for their ice time, they must not enter no more than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time.
    • Spectators must leave the arena no more than 5 minutes after the ice time concludes.


  1. Capacity Limits:
    • Sensplex Capacity Limits:
      1. No more than 32 people may on the ice at one time. This includes coaches, instructors, players, etc.
      2. For games, no more than 50 people may be on the ice/benches at one time. This includes all players, coaches, referees, timekeepers, trainers, etc.
  • Spectator Capacity is 50 people in each rink. Should there be more than 50 spectators in the arena, it will be the responsibility of the Home team Greeter to rectify the issue.
  • City of Ottawa Capacity Limits:
    1. Capacity limits at City of Ottawa rinks is limited 50% of the Facility capacity. This limit will be posted at the arena entrance.
    2. City of Ottawa ice capacity is a maximum of 80 participants.
  • Despite capacity limits, until further notice the KMHA will continue under a 1:1 ratio. This means only ONE parent/guardian per participant.


  1. Dressing Rooms:
    • KMHA requires that all players come to arena as fully dressed as possible.
      1. Both the City of Ottawa and Sensplex are allowing participants to dress/undress at in the dressing rooms.
      2. However, masking and physical distancing rules still apply, meaning the capacity limits in dressing room may limit access. Capacity limits will be posted outside the dressing rooms at each facility.
  • Designated overflow seating will be provided by the facilities.
  1. Exchanging of seats will NOT be permitted (i.e. no swapping players in and out of the room).
  • All participants must remain in their dressing room and/or designated overflow area until it is time to go on the ice. There is to be NO waiting on benches or at the arena doors before their scheduled ice time.  This includes when the Zamboni is on the ice.
  • Dressing rooms must be completed vacated 20 minutes after the completion of an ice time.


  1. Masking:
    • Everyone, in any area of a facility must wear a mask at all times.
    • Coaches must wear a mask at all times, including when on the ice during practices.
    • Players must wear mask at all times. Players may only remove the mask 5 minutes prior to scheduled ice time before adorning their helmets.  Players must replace mask immediately after removing the helmet at the conclusion of the scheduled ice time.


  1. Dryland Training/Off-ice Warmup:
    • Dryland training/off-ice warmups such as group-led stretching, running, etc. is not permitted inside the facilities, unless you have rented a separate hall inside the facility.
    • If there is need for dryland training/off-ice warmups, it is to be outside of the facility where sufficient space exists to follow physical distancing guidelines