HEO Bulletin-Return to Hockey

HEO Bulletin-Return to Hockey

Bulletin: 2021/22-14


To: District Chairs, MHA’s, Junior League, Junior Teams, SHEO, Special Hockey


CC: HEO Board of Directors, HEO Staff From: RTH Implementation Task Team Date: July 19, 2021

Re: Return to Hockey



Welcome back to our HEO Family:


On Friday July 9th, the Province of Ontario announced that we would enter Step 3 on the Roadmap to reopening.


As of Friday July 16th, we entered Stage 4 of our Return to Hockey Framework.


Stage 4 –Traditional Hockey – July 16, 2021


This stage will involve the introduction of traditional hockey. Any such introduction will be in compliance with the Ontario Government Emergency Order and HEO policies.


  • Hockey Returns to Normal
  • 5-vs-5 hockey
  • Body contact/checking allowed at appropriate levels
  • Inter-branch play
  • Tournaments may be permitted


The current provincial legislation requires that all Teams, Associations and Leagues will need to develop and supply a Safety Plan in order to be eligible to book ice or rooms in any facility. It is imperative that all members work very closely and in concert with their facilitites to ensure a smooth transition back to playing. Safety requirements could include (please confirm with your facilty and local PHU):



  • Team staff wearing masks while on the bench and/or when physical distancing cannot be achieved
  • Players wearing masks at all times inside the facilty while not on ice or bench
  • Teams will still require a Safety Officer


MINOR HOCKEY ONLY: Associations and Leagues can now prepare for a normal start to the season as per HEO Policy 6.49 (Minor Hockey) Section 4.


HEO is still working with the Province to get clarification on certain language within the legislation, on other safety protocols that may still be required to be in place.


We will ensure to provide you with more information as soon as it becomes available