HEO 2021/22 Return to Hockey Statement

HEO 2021/22 Return to Hockey Statement




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Bulletin: 2021/22-06

Date: June 2, 2021

Re: 2021/2022 Return to Hockey Statement

As the 2021-22 hockey season approaches, Hockey Eastern Ontario and its member Associations and Leagues are making plans for a safe return to hockey this fall.


We are encouraged by the progress both locally and throughout the province that everyone is making in their efforts to get vaccinated and to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Hockey Eastern Ontario encourages our Minor Hockey Associations to begin registration for this coming season and to plan for a regular start later this summer and early fall.

Parents of players should contact their Minor Hockey Associations in order to register their children.

To help Associations and Leagues prepare for the 2021-22 season, Hockey Eastern Ontario’s Return to Hockey Framework which includes health and safety protocols, will be modified to accommodate changes in public health guidance and Provincial regulations. We remain committed to supporting our Minor Hockey Associations and Leagues.

Hockey Eastern Ontario will continue to abide by and operate in accordance with Provincial regulations and legislation, and seek guidance from Ottawa Public Health, Renfrew County Public Health, Eastern Ontario Health, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health and our Chief Medical Officer who is in contact with colleagues from across Canada.

We understand that our hockey families seek some certainty regarding the opportunity to resume play. We are also excited to have our teams back on the ice and are optimistic that hockey in this region will resume shortly.

While we eagerly await the start of the 2021-22 season, Hockey Eastern Ontario encourages its volunteers, officials, players and everyone’s families to stay healthy, remain active this summer and most importantly, to get vaccinated.