Reminder to all Members, Return to Play policies, Directives and Rules December 13, 2020

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KMHA Members,


Recently, an announcement titled Pandemic COD was emailed to members. This message comes directly from Shelley Zimmerman HEO District 11 Chair and outlines a new appendix that the HEO Board has added to the Hockey Canada/HEO Code of Discipline regarding discipline for non-compliance with COVID-19 protocols.


In light of this announcement and the seriousness of breaking COVID protocols, I thought it was important to remind members of some of our Return to Play policies, directives and rules.


  • All facility and public health requirements must be followed.
  • All players/team staff/supervisors/spectators will be required to fill out a KMHA online health questionnaire PRIOR to every session. No entry will be given to anyone who does not comply.
  • Masks must be worn in all public places of the facilities by everyone.
  • Coaches are required to properly wear a mask while on the ice.
  • Any direction given from Ottawa Public Health with regards to any COVID-19 related circumstances to any individual must be followed.


Additionally, on November 20th the KMHA Board of Directors sent an email that included a message that if a player has been doing hockey development outside of KMHA we recommended they stay away from their respective team for 14 days. As of January, this will no longer be a recommendation but a KMHA rule. Outside hockey development includes but is not limited to stick handling sessions, shooting lessons, skating sessions, players who participate in any private hockey instruction or organized non-sanctioned hockey leagues, hockey teams, and hockey events, etc.



Effective January 1, 2021 should a player choose to participate in hockey development outside of their KMHA cohort, there must be a 14-day gap between their last development session and their return to their KMHA team.


As we have done with all our restrictions, we will continue to monitor and make changes if/when we feel it’s the right time to either tighten things up or loosen our restrictions.


KMHA is mindful that COVID is affecting all families differently. We know that hockey is an important part of helping our families navigate the present climate. For some it’s necessary for physical and/or mental health while for others it’s a glimpse of normalcy in a very abnormal time. We realize that the enforcement of existing rules and the installment of new rules may cause some frustration but please know that in reaching all our decisions our objective is to mitigate COVID risk for all our families and the community. We appreciate that not everyone will agree with all of our decisions; however, they are not made lightly and are all done with nothing less than what we believe to be in the best interest of every KMHA member.


Johnna Thompson

Director at Large

Risk and Safety