Return to Hockey Pre-season activities

Return to Hockey Pre-season activities

Over the last two weeks there has been significant updates and changes with respect to MHA pre- season hockey activities.  With the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Ontario Government’s amended Emergency Order there some new challenges and protocols that you will need to be aware of as we plan the Return to Hockey process.


The Ontario Government’s Emergency Order allows for the opening and controlled use of some sporting facilities.  As part of those Orders, sports going into these facilities need to be part of a National Sport Organization (NSO) funded by sport Canada or a member club of such an organization, a professional sport league or in our case a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) or Multi-Sport Organization recognized by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture.  Due to this legislation we are required to ensure that the safety of participants is the priority, as well as aligning with the standards of each governing body and our national governing body Hockey Canada. The 4 Ontario Hockey PSO’s HEO, OHF (and their member partners), HNO and OWHA worked on a consistent Return to Hockey Framework with a phased/staged approach to align with Ontario’s Framework.


The Ontario Government has been clear that those allowed on the ice are only there for individual training in larger groups (currently at a Maximum of 10 total including coaches) and no team sport activities such as practices or games, these are limits effective June 12th., as well, social distancing still needs to be strictly followed.


Within the HEO Framework there are allowances to grant KMHA participants access ice with respecting the following guidelines.

  1. The on-ice instructional training will be conducted by a KMHA coach that was a registered coach within KMHA for the duration of 2019-2020 season.
  2. The coach must have proper accreditation for the level of player and instruction.
  3. A roster of players and coaches must be submitted and only players registered with KMHA during the 2019-2020 season will be allowed to participate.
    1.  A player who was an “Association Transfer” or “shared “ in 2019/2020 is eligible to participate in sessions based on the 2019/ 2020 rosters for that association
  4. Only 10 participants (including coaches) are allowed on ice.
  5. A safety and development plan must be submitted and approved by the District and HEO.  Plans should show how social distancing guidelines are being implemented.

Participants must follow the operational guidelines set out by the facility (bench use, dressing room use, access, etc.)

KMHA coaches will need to submit their plans and rosters to the District and HEO for approval.  The required application documentation is linked below.   Once complete, please forward to document to District@KMHA.CA   Any changes to the original submission will be required to re-submitted. Any deviation to the original submission, or failure to submit a revised submission through the appropriate approval channels will result in the revocation of the Sanction granted by the District and/or HEO.

We would like to thank everyone during these unprecedented times and as more questions arise please do not hesitate to contact with me.   The situation and protocols are changing daily, and we will do our best to keep everybody well informed.

More information on the Return to Hockey Framework can be found on the HEO website –