Coming to All Players, Parents and Team Officials -Rowan’s Law

Coming to All Players, Parents and Team Officials -Rowan’s Law

Coming to All Players, Parents and Team Officials  Rowan’s Law (more info to follow shortly)

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Rowans Law Implementation FAQ’s

  1. Is this Legislation National or Provincial in scope?

Rowan’s Law has been enacted in the Province of Ontario only.

  1. Is this legislation in place for Ice Hockey only?

No, this legislation is in place for all competitive sports in the province.

  1. Why were we not given timelier notification of the implementation requirements?

All of the Ontario Branches (HEO, OHF, and HNO) were only notified officially on June 18th. We have been working diligently with our provincial partners to ask the ministry for an extended deadline, to date this has not come to fruition, however we are still lobbying to try and extend the deadline.

  1. Why do all 3 branches require the same policy?

All 3 branches must have a consistent policy to mitigate the amount of administration overhead that would be caused by having separate policies. The legislation states that any player, coach, trainer or official must sign off on the PSO’s (Provincial Sport Organizations) Concussion Awareness resource and Concussion Code of Conduct. As all 3 provincial branches are PSO’s in the eyes of the Government of Ontario, teams traveling out of Branch (i.e. to a tournament in Toronto), all players, trainers and coaches would be required to repeat this process every time they travelled outside of their home Branch within Ontario.

  1. Will this have to be done every year?

Yes, this is an annual process. We are currently working on a technological solution to help alleviate the amount of administrative overhead and hope to have this in place for the start of next season.

  1. Is the sport organization required to confirm review of the Concussion Awareness Resources and Concussion Code of Conduct before “registration” or before “participation”?

The obligation in the Act and regulation is connected to registration, as sport organizations must not register an athlete before they receive confirmation of review of concussion awareness resources/code of conduct from the

athlete and the athlete’s parent (if under 18 years of age). The Act requires 2 confirmations: one from the athlete; and one from the parent. These can be received at different times however the sport organization must not register the athlete until both confirmations are received.

  1. Will parents of officials or coaches under the age of 18 be required to also review the Concussion Awareness Resources and Code of Conduct?

No, there is no such provision in the legislation and regulation. Only parents of athletes are required to confirm review.

  1. Do coaches, trainers, and officials have to review the Concussion Awareness Resources for all 3 age groups?

No. Coaches, Trainers, and Officials only need to review one Concussion Awareness Resource in the format, and age range that is best suited to them.

  1. What if a player was registered prior to July 1st?

All registrants registered prior to July 1, 2019 must complete the review of information and acknowledgement prior to participation in the first game.