Bench/Team/Staff/Official requirements

Bench/Team/Staff/Official requirements
Bench/Team/Staff/Official requirements 2016-09-28T15:22:36+00:00

2016-2017 SEASON

Bench Staff

There is a maximum number of bench staff allowed per team. This is regardless of whether or not a person is volunteering on multiple teams.

If an individual is not listed on your team roster, they are not insured to be on the ice or bench with your team.

IP teams – maximum of 10 bench staff
Novice to Midget (house & competitive) – maximum of 7 bench staff

The bench staff must include the following:

a. Head Coach
b. Assistant Coach
c. Trainer
d. Goalie Coach
e. Manager

All bench staff are required to complete Respect in Sport – Activity Leader and have a current police check (dated September 2014 or later). Head coaches require the appropriate coaching clinic and trainers require the appropriate trainer level.
On-ice helpers are no longer a bench staff position. From 6.28 HEO Bench & On-Ice Staff Certification Requirements:

On-Ice helper: is neither a qualification nor a designation to be used in the Initiation Program or higher levels. Rather, it is limited to those under age 20 who wish to give something back to the game, perhaps become involved in coaching or obtain high school volunteer hours.

Players that are currently registered with KMHA (or another association) can participate in your team practices as on-ice helpers as long as they are registered at least one level above the level of your team. They are allowed to demonstrate drills and/or assist players with drills but they are not allowed to participate in the drills and/or scrimmages. They are required to wear the proper equipment. They do not have to be added to your team roster as they are insured as a player.
Coaches (from 6.28 HEO Bench & On-Ice Staff Certification Requirements)

All bench and on-ice staff must have completed Respect in Sport Activity Leader or Speak Out, and be registered for the appropriate clinic before their first regular season league game or on-ice activity (IP program) to remain on the team’s roster. All required courses must have been taken before November 30th of the current season.

Trainers (from 6.28 HEO Bench & On-Ice Staff Certification Requirements)
Trainer Level 1 certification/recertification or Trainer Level 2 upgrades/renewals must be done no later than October 31st of the current season.

Outstanding requirements from last season

If a member of your bench staff has an outstanding certification or police check from last season, they will not be added to your team roster until that outstanding item has been completed.
If the outstanding item is a police check, they will not be eligible for a volunteer letter. They will need to go to the police station, pay for the police check and submit a copy to both the KMHA Registrar and Risk & Safety before being added