2018/19 Rep Coach Announcement

2018/19 Rep Coach Announcement

Rep Coach selection is a joint responsibility of the three Rep Coach Coordinators in conjunction with VP Hockey Programs, overseen by the President. The Rep Coach Coordinators assembled an eight-member selection committee representing all divisions from IP to Midget.  Each member has been involved in KMHA for many years.

In March prospective coaches were invited to submit a Hockey Resume.  That document was reviewed by each member of the selection committee to determine if an interview was warranted.  Interviews were held in April, 2018.

Members of the selection committee also comprised the interview panel, ensuring a minimum of three to a maximum of six members were in attendance for each interview.  

Where there was a personal conflict of interest with a coaching applicant, members of the selection committee were removed from the interview process and coaching decision. That can be difficult given KMHA’s size, as all of the applicants have friendships to some extent with one or more of the selection committee.  The same removal was enforced when a member of the selection committee was also a coaching applicant.

The interview process was consistent and did not vary from applicant to applicant.  A series of nine questions were asked with each member of the panel documenting notes and scoring the question.  That documentation would later be reviewed by the entire selection committee during a deliberation meeting. The questions were assembled using Hockey Canada guidelines and targeted topics including; ability of a candidate to develop the players on that team, the ability of a candidate to communicate with players and families, and fair play.

After all of the interviews had been completed, the selection committee met to deliberate.   In deliberation, pertinent information for each applicant was presented and discussed. That information included; hockey background & knowledge, determination of how well the candidate is able to apply that experience and knowledge, history of the candidate as a coach or assistant, parent survey results, ability to change and grow coaching style as the kids mature and the appropriateness of placing that candidate’s child on the applied team.   The committee also ensured, through the deliberation discussion and reviewing the information, that the candidate is able to provide players and families a positive and rewarding hockey experience.

In situations where a member of the selection committee was also a coaching applicant, that individual was removed from participating in the deliberation and decision.  

Decisions were made to either accept or not accept a candidate for the various teams, or to leave a position vacant. All applicants were then notified of those decisions.  

The decisions are sometimes very difficult and not everyone is going to agree.  That’s okay and we respect the right of our members to disagree with decisions. We trust however, that members accept that the selection committee made the decisions to the best of their ability with the best interests of the children at the forefront.  We are always open to improvements and welcome thoughts on making the selection process better in the future.

Kanata Minor Hockey Association\

2018/19 Rep Coach Selection


Major Novice B          Mark De Verno

Major Novice A          Paul Barnes

Minor Atom B            Nathan Barwell

Minor Atom A            Ryan Kealey

Major Atom B             Scott McAndrew

Major Atom B             Trevor Wood

Major Atom AA         Brent Blaseg

Minor Peewee B         Terry Lavineway

Minor Peewee A         Mike Barrett

Minor Peewee AA      Todd White

Major Peewee B          Scott Goodfellow

Major Peewee AA      Tony Costantini

Minor Bantam B         Mike Craven

Minor Bantam AA      Kevin MacTavish

Major Bantam B         Andy McAfee

Major Bantam AA      Mario Martel  – Mario Martel – Coaches Introduction Letter

Minor Midget B          Pending Decision

Minor Midget AA       Richard Balon

Major Midget B          Pending Decision

Major Midget AA       Eric McKeown/Matt Kemp