Competitive Coach Selection Process

Competitive Coach Selection Process

The rep coach selection decisions are mostly complete and a number of KMHA members have asked about the process.  We realize that many are not aware of the specifics.  Here is how the selection took place (and will take place for teams that have not yet been filled).

The selection is the responsibility of the Rep Coach Coordinator along with the VP of Hockey Programs.  In recent years there has been one Rep Coach Coordinator but this year we have three people equally sharing the role (Paul Barnes, Steve Bell, Scott Goodfellow).  Our VP of Hockey Programs is Ian Hames.

In March prospective coaches were invited to submit their applications along with other material.  The material was read by Paul, Steve, Scott and Ian and the candidates were invited to interviews the first week of May.  Everyone who had applied was given an interview. 

The interview panel was selected by the rep coach coordinators and consisted of the three rep coach coordinators plus the VP of Hockey Programs.  Andy McAfee and Chantal Hart-Robinson were also asked to take part, ask questions and provide impressions of the candidates.  Each interview had 4, 5 or all 6 of the interview panel members present.

When members of the interview panel felt a conflict of interest existed, such as a close relationship with a candidate (and this is very difficult because all of the candidates have friendships to some extent with one or more of the interview panel, so the conflict of interest had to be significant) or where the member of the interview panel was also a candidate for the same position, the member of the interview panel did not take part in the interview or offered to not take part.

The interviews varied to a degree depending on how well the candidate was known, but information was gathered as it pertains to a number of factors such as the ability of a candidate to develop the players on that team, the ability of a candidate to communicate with players and families, the hockey background and hockey knowledge of the candidate and how well the candidate is able to apply that experience and knowledge to the team they have applied for, the history of the candidate as a coach or assistant with KMHA, the appropriateness of placing that candidate’s child on the team the candidate has applied for, and the likelihood of a candidate giving players and families at that level a positive and rewarding hockey experience. 

Following each interview the interview panel shared their impressions and written data was collected to be reviewed at a later time.  Following all of the interviews the selection committee of Paul, Steve, Scott and Ian asked for final thoughts from Andy and Chantale and then deliberated.  When the decision was made for a team for which a selection committee member had applied, that selection committee member was NOT part of the decision, and was NOT privy to the discussion taking place by the other selection committee members.

Decisions were then made to accept or not accept a candidate for the various teams, or to leave a position vacant.  All candidates were then contacted by one of the selection committee members to inform them of the decision.  All applicants have been offered the opportunity to discuss the process and to be given feedback. 

The decisions are sometimes very difficult and not everyone is going to agree with the call.  That’s okay, we respect the right of our members to disagree with decisions.  We trust however, that members accept that the selection committee made the decisions to the best of their ability and given what information they could gather through the process.  We are always open to improvements and welcome thoughts on making the selection process better in the future.