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Non Sanctioned Leagues

September 30, 2015

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Non-Sanctioned Leagues


Calgary, AB -: – Hockey Canada, its member Branches, Major Junior and registered Junior Hockey Leagues in Canada are concerned with the proliferation of leagues that operate outside the auspices of Hockey Canada.

Hockey Canada offers the best development programs worldwide. It has invested significant resources in the development of officials, coaches, administrators and players countrywide. We have a committed strategy toward a cohesive long-term athlete development model.

These “non-sanctioned” organizations do not support the development of theseprograms. Further, they operate in a vacuum, with no consideration to the impact of their programs on minor, junior, senior, adult recreational hockey, female hockey, officiating development, coaching development or administrator development in Canada. These “non-sanctioned” leagues instead choose to utilize the resources already developed by Hockey Canada and its member Branches. The teams who make up these “leagues” operate in this fashion because they do not agree with the existing overall vision of Hockey Canada. They profess to have a better program yet often operate without a Constitution, By-Laws, create their own rulebook and may not provide adequate insurance for their participants. Further, they offer the lure of “Rep” or “Junior” level competition when this is clearly not the case.

Hockey Canada, its member Branches, Major Junior Leagues as well as registered Junior Hockey Leagues wish to be exceedingly clear with our response to these programs.

Hockey Canada and its member Branches view all leagues that operate outside the auspices/sanctioning of Hockey Canada programs to be classified as “non-sanctioned” leagues. This currently does not include summer hockey leagues/teams, adult recreational hockey leagues/teams, high school hockey, and/or hockey schools.

1) Any individual who participates [knowingly or otherwise] in “non-sanctioned” programs after September 30 of the season in question [“the Cut-Off Date”] will lose all membership privileges with Hockey Canada for the remainder of that season, and may only reapply for membership with Hockey Canada after the end of that season. “Participation” in a “non-sanctioned” program will be  considered to have occurred if the individual takes part in one game [including an exhibition, tournament, league or playoff game] after the Cut-Off Date. If a participant makes the choice to participate in these “non-sanctioned” programs, in this paragraph will remain in effect even if the league or team folds, or the individual is released, suspended or fired.
2) Hockey Canada and its member Branches across the country will make every effort to ensure that local minor hockey and female hockey associations in areas whatsoever. For greater certainty, “supporting” includes, but is not limited to, assisting an “non-sanctioned” league directly or indirectly through advertisement, promotion, ticket sales, volunteer activities, assigning Officials,  sharing resources or enabling such a league to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned activities. We will withhold tournament sanctions and will preclude such associations from benefitting from any Hockey Canada/ Branch/CHL sanctioned event by whatever means necessary, including the withdrawal of any such event from any community within the geographic boundaries of that
association if need be to stress this point.

This policy is aimed at those leagues that choose to operate outside the hockey  structure established by Hockey Canada, its member Branches and the Canadian Hockey League.

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